17 of Demi Lovato’s Most Relatable Lyrics Ever

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Demi Lovato is a pop treasure. She's overcome numerous demons, making her an incredible role model. And DAMN, those pipes! The girl takes singing to a whole new level. During her entire career, she's been open and honest with her substance abuse problems and mental health issues, as well as her struggle with her father. She's put all of that emotion into her lyrics which are often relatable AF. Keep reading for 17 of her lines that will have you saying “SAME”!

1. From the song “Catch Me” from Here We Go Again

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Lyrics: Run far away so I can breathe / Even though you're far from suffocating me / I can't set my hopes too high / ‘Cause every “Hello” ends with a “Goodbye”

Anyone who's been hurt before can relate to this lyric. Lovato is instinctively distancing herself from her boo so she doesn't get too attached to them and have them leave her. It's a sad reality for anyone who's been ghosted or abandoned by their love. Sadly, Lovato doesn't even want to get her hopes up that this could be the real deal since she's been hurt so many times before. Sad, raw, and probably way too relatable for some people.