Good For Demi Lovato For Living In A Sober House, Honestly

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The X Factor 2012 Final Four Party at Rodeo Drive in Beverly HillsReal talk for a second: I am so glad that Demi Lovato is living in a sober house. She's struggled both publicly and privately with a whole range of issues in the past, from alcohol to bulimia to cutting herself, and the fact that she's willing to be open about the work she's doing is really impressive. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be a celebrity at all, let alone to see the kinds of headlines that Demi must see about herself every day, and under the circumstances, I think she's doing pretty well.

The thing about celebrities is that, like it or not, they're role models to younger kids. It's probably not a life they would've chosen for themselves, and it's certainly not fair all of the time, but it's a reality. Demi has millions and millions of fans, and while some people might say that's a reason to keep your personal struggles a secret, I disagree. The more people who can see Demi taking her issues seriously and treating herself well, the better. It's like overweight celebrities — if they just go off and get surgery or liposuction and then talk about Pilates and kale salads, that's not helpful to kids. If you're an overweight kid or a depressed teen and the only examples you have in front of you are celebrities who don't seem to have the same problems you do, that can be immensely frustrating. You feel alone and stupid and overwhelmed, like everyone gets it but you. But when you see that someone like Demi has to work as hard as you do to be happy, even though she's rich and famous, that can be really reassuring, and I'm glad to see Demi doing it.

“I take it day by day. I'd be lying if I said there weren't days where I just want to stay in bed all day because I'm ashamed of my body. It's a struggle I'll probably have to deal with for the rest of my life. But I have so much life to live; I don't want to waste it.”

Agreed. Totally agreed. Demi has a house just outside of Los Angeles, but she's been renting a room in the sober house as well, just to be sure that she's taking care of herself. A source says about her, “She's very smart. She takes whatever steps she needs to make sure she stays healthy.” Very smart. I couldn't agree more.

(Image: Nikki Nelson / WENN.com)