Demi Lovato Almost Went Back To Rehab Last Summer, Which Is Both Scary And Inspiring

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Demi Lovato Almost Went Back To Rehab Last Summer  Which Is Both Scary And Inspiring Demi Lovato black and white GIF stay strong hang in there gifIf there’s one thing Demi Lovato is good at, it’s scaring me and inspiring me at the same time. (Or, you know, singing or whatever.) On the one hand her openness about the fact that she’s still struggling with her eating disorder is awesome and refreshing, but on the other, that much realness is terrifying.

It’s common knowledge that Demi received treatment for a variety of concerns back in 2010, when she completed a three-month program to address everything from substance abuse to alcoholism to self-harm to bulimia. We know about that because Demi has been extremely generous in sharing her thoughts on those experiences, in hopes that the things she learned might benefit her younger fans. It’s one of the best things about her. And now she’s upped the ante yet again by opening up even more, admitting that as recently as this past summer, she considered returning to treatment for her eating disorder. As she told Fitness Magazine:

“I almost went back to rehab for my eating disorder last summer. I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time. Wilmer noticed and called me out on it, which was a relief. I was done being afraid of food and so tired of overeating and not knowing why I did it. Now I’m on a structured meal plan. I eat four small meals and two snacks a day. It’s teaching me portion control.”

Aside from the fact that she’s still dating Wilmer Valderrama, which I’m super not into, there’s something else I need to point out in this paragraph — the fact that she kind of still is obsessing over food. She’s found a healthier way to do it, with portion control and a structured meal plan, but the point that Demi and I are both making is that this stuff never really goes away. She’s found a way to work around it and keep herself healthy, but even though she’s developed ways of healing, she’ll never truly be healed. The brain doesn’t work like that.

“I used to Google things like ‘How to lose weight in a week,’ but the world just doesn’t work that way. If you want to lose weight, you’ve got to work for it. If you want to get stronger, you’ve got work for it. Any other way isn’t going to be healthy, and it’s not going to last. My current life motto: ‘If Beyoncé can do it, I can do it.’ If she can work out, have the incredible body she has, have a kid, and be as successful as she is, then I sure as hell can, too. We all have problem areas. I’m always going to have thick thighs. I can’t change that, and obsessing over it will only make me miserable. Learning to be grateful for our bodies and taking care of them are the best ways for us to empower ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

Couldn’t agree more, lady. Keep taking care of yourself.

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