The Way Demi Lovato Celebrated Two Years Of Sobriety Will Put A Smile On Your Face

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Demi Lovato with a partially shaved head and pink hair March 2014It's been a few hours since I effused at anyone about Demi Lovato, so I hope you don't mind if I take this opportunity to do that.

Because Demi celebrated her second birthday on Saturday! Yeah, you're right, her birthday is in August, so she's still twenty-one…but as she pointed out on Twitter, this past weekend was the two-year anniversary of her getting clean and sober.

It's tough to have the kind of perspective that Demi does even as a full-grown adult, but the fact that she has it at twenty-one is just incredible. With her openness and willing to work on the things she struggles with, Demi sets such a great example for her fans.

And part of that is not giving an eff what unimportant people think. I don't know if there's a standard way that most people celebrate their anniversaries of sobriety, but I'd imagine a lot of the time it ends up being A. quietly and B. alone, just because there's still so much stigma surrounding addiction. And I'm betting that if Demi's management team had their way, she'd bring up her own treatment a lot less, to avoid reminding people of it.

But Demi isn't that type of lady, so she shared her celebration with her fans all across the Twitterverse, even getting some new piercings as a reward for herself.

I just love that Demi is so comfortable with herself and so proud of her incredibly hard work that she's willing to let her fans into her life to enjoy her victories with her however she sees fit.

So happy birthday, Demi! Congratulations on being the best.

(Image: Twitter)