Watching Demi Lovato Get Pied In The Face Will Make You Want To Be Her BFF

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Watching Demi Lovato Get Pied In The Face Will Make You Want To Be Her BFF Demi Lovato getting pied in the face April 2014 jpgNo matter how great a celebrity seems, I feel like you don’t really know them until you see them react to a prank. It’s easy to be good-natured and fun-loving in front of an audience, but the way you act when you’re caught off guard is really telling.

Which is why I’m so into this video of Demi Lovato getting a literal pie to the face from Fifth Harmonythe girl-group that had been opening for Demi during that particular leg of her Neon Lights tour. All five girls came up to her after the final show, pretending like they were just going to say thank you for giving them the opportunity, even saying, “Demi, I just want to say I love you”, before slamming a pie into her pie-hole and getting the whole thing on camera.

I feel like getting pied is probably a jarring experience no matter what, but especially if it’s unexpected, I have no idea what would come out of my mouth. Probably some variation on “PIE. NO. BAD.” But as always, Demi has it much more together than I do, and her response is the best thing ever.

See that? How is she smiling…immediately? How does one arrange their face into a smile right after it’s been hit with a load of flying pie? She’s not even mad about being tricked; she seems more thrilled than anything, and as excited about the prank as if she pulled it off on someone else.

I just feel like that’s the absolute perfect reaction, and I love it. It makes me wish I were friends with Demi so we could have a prank war back and forth with each other. Although that ‘your ass is mine’ comment makes me worry she’d be waaaaayyyy better at it than me. Or you. Or any of us. Except maybe Ellen DeGeneres or George Clooney.

(Image: Buzzfeed)