Demi Lovato Called Out For Partying Just As Another ‘Recovery’ Story Runs

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Oh, girl. I really hope this story isn't true.

Demi Lovato, unbroken, has come a long way, or so her latest cover story in Self Magazine would have you believe. After years of struggling with depression, self-harm, substance abuse and eating disorders, she's finally starting to feel like she has a handle on things. Why, she's not even addicted to her smart phone anymore:

“I make time for myself and meditate…And I haven't used my cell in three months! Subconsciously, it was a crutch. When a room gets quiet, what do you do? Grab your phone! Now I can sit and have conversations with people.”

This is all very good to hear, but if a suspiciously well-timed piece of gossip is to be believed, Demi isn't as recovered as we might think. “She's not as sober as she's leading everyone to believe and is still partying hard,” a source told RadarOnline. And a second source did not talk, but concurred! Oh dear.

It's entirely possible that Demi is keeping her “partying” within responsible limits…I'm of the school of thought that a recovering coke addict can still enjoy a drink with friends once in a while, and I dislike the “all or nothing” mind frame we apply to substance use. Then again, Demi is only 19, and has made being clean and reformed a key part of her image, so maybe she should stick to that ideal. In any case, I can't imagine it's helping matters that Self Photoshopped her head onto a tiny Barbie body.

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Photo: Self Magazine