Demi Lovato Gives The Paps A Piece Of Her Mind, After Giving Them A Piece Of Her Middle Finger

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Demi Lovato attending Los Angeles even February 2014

Add Demi Lovato to the growing list of celebrities who aren't so into the paparazzi's shenanigans, and who in turn have something to say about it. Yesterday, after being heckled by a photographer outside an event in New York City, Demi showed off her middle finger to him. Then later she took to Twitter to rant about it.

There's video of the incident, in which you can hear one of the photographers yell repeatedly at Demi, “Keep your nose clean!” That could either be a warning to stay out of trouble or, as one site speculates, a reference to her past cocaine use. Either way, it was annoying and seemed to be done to get a rise out of her, as these photographers' comments often are. Which is exactly what it did, since Demi turned around with a smile and flipped him the bird.

Granted, she didn't turn to violence or throw verbal abuse back at him, which plenty of celebrities tend to do in this situation, but that's still probably not the classiest response considering she has a young fan base and is giving the paps a reaction people will then talk about the next day (see the post you're reading now). But it's got to be incredibly irritating to have these photographers pester or mock you when you're giving them shots, so it's understandable that Demi was annoyed.

And later in the day she expressed that annoyance in a more productive way than just letting her middle finger do the talking. She took to Twitter to express her disappointment in the paparazzi's behavior towards her and other celebrities.


That's better. Or she could have taken the Lupita Nyong'o route by just looking fabulous at the beach and then using comic book noises to joke about the paps on Instagram. Middle fingers are fun and all, but they're not particularly original.

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