Demi Lovato Tweets Out Fake Naked Photo Of Herself Because Why Not

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Demi Lovato Black Dress

While you spent last night dreaming about Bravo picking up on the Amish trend and launching the Real Housewives of Lancaster County, Demi Lovato tweeted out a naked photo of herself. Except twist, it wasn't really her!

The excitement began when she tweeted out that her Twitter account got hacked at 2:58 AM.

Demi Lovato Twitter Hacked

If I'd been awake, I obviously would have alerted the proper authorities: LAPD and TMZ. But alas, I wasn't. Whether or not I'll ever forgive myself for falling asleep while Demi Lovato was still awake remains TBD. But I can't worry about that now. Not when I'm showing you how everything went down.

Demi Lovato Naked Tweet

A minute after the initial tweet, the “hacker” tweeted out a question ascertaining who many of her followers would like to see her naked. Based on the retweets and the favorites, It looks like 10,000+ would be interested in this proposition.

I guess the “hacker” took that as a good sign and tweeted out the following:

Demi Lovato Naked Photo Tweet

Get it? She tricked everyone! She wasn't hacked and she wasn't naked. It's a barbie with her face pasted on. And everyone knows barbies can't ever be legally naked since they lack genitals. Like a second coming of Ashton Kutcher, she totally punked us all!


Why not!

This is America and we're lucky enough to live in a country where celebrities can tweet out fake nude photos of themselves whenever they please. You go on with your bad self Demi Lovato, I'm loving it!

(Photos: Enrique Rc, PacificCoastNews.com)