Demi Lovato’s No-Makeup Selfie Proves She Looks Better Without Makeup Than With

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You guys, can we all put together a petition for Demi Lovato to never wear makeup again? I'm betting we can get a ton of signatures on it, especially after you see my photo evidence.

We're always supposed to say that people look better without makeup, but Demi is one of the rare cases where someone ACTUALLY DOES LOOK BETTER. Like, way better. Demi's a beautiful girl, but she buries her features under so much stage makeup that I sometimes forget how beautiful. But then she goes and posts a just-waking-up-selfie and I need to go hide in a corner and drink a gallon of water while exfoliating for ten hours.

People don't look like this in real life! And if they do, I want my money back, because I wake up in the morning looking like a puffy garbage monster. I think I'm a reasonably attractive human, but I like to wear a little (sometimes a lot) of makeup to even my skin tone out and draw attention to the facial features that aren't still imprinted with the pattern of my sheets.

But if I had clear, glowing skin and defined features like Demi's, I'd take all my makeup and brushes out into the street and burn them because WHO NEEDS ‘EM. This girl looks incredible with not a stitch of makeup on, and I'm personally offended that she doesn't embrace that (and her light dusting of freckles!!) 100% of the time.

Demi Lovato no make-up selfie April 2013

I'm pretty sure she's wearing a little makeup there, but how does she seriously not have bags under her eyes when waking up in the morning, in the photo at the top of the page? Is that even allowed? I need to speak to your manager.