Demi Lovato Shared The Only True No Makeup Selfie That You Will Ever See

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Demi Lovato no makeup selfie in swimming pool June 2014I feel like sharing a no makeup photo is kind of ‘the thing' with celebrities lately, but this newest picture proves that no one will ever be as good at it as Demi Lovato.

Sure, it's taken her some time to ease into actually not wearing any makeup in her selfies (because let's be honest — she definitely was in this one), but that's a struggle that all celebs go through…and she did eventually get there! These days, it seems like posting an au naturel photo is more about how many products you can get away with using without getting called out on it than it is about self-esteem or inner beauty or any of all that.

And even once you get your face all figured out and where you want it, you still have to obsess over the lighting and the facial expression and the caption and ALL OF IT. Pretending like you don't care what you look like is very serious business, you see. Especially when you're proving it by putting a photo of yourself on the interwebs for all of your millions of fans to see. Seems like a backward way to brag about your appearance while

At least that's what I thought until the Instagram photo that Demi shared with all of us late yesterday. It's the first time I've ever seen a photo of a celebrity where they're definitively not wearing ANY makeup, and I love it. No concealer, no mascara, no blush, no highlight, no lip color, no nothing. She's just coming out of a pool, looking directly at the camera, and it's beautiful! Look at all that amazingly clear skin and all those freckles! I didn't even know you had those! Don't cover that up, girl!

Now this is what a no makeup selfie should look like, you guys. That's what I'm talking about. Go Demi!