Based On This Photo, Demi Lovato Should Always Go Make-Up Free

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Demi Lovato at Sony Music aftershow Arts Club February 2013Okay so, Demi Lovato put up a makeup-free picture today with the caption “Ladies, be brave today…take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!”, and I have a lot of feelings about it that I'd like to talk through with you guys if that's okay. Usually when a celebrity posts a no make-up picture, looking at it makes me feel better about myself. Not because they're ugly, by any means, but I'm basically like, “Oh cool, they look pretty normal, I'm so impressed by the wonders of make-up, blah blah blah I could totally roll with that person in real life.” Even though I already know it, I get a certain amount of relief from the reminder that most celebrities benefit from having a full-time hair and makeup team, and the reason I don't look the same way is because I…don't. (Not because I'm too lazy to blow-dry my hair or learn how to apply the various . I'm positive that has nothing to do with it.) Most celebrities just post a typical clean-skinned look and maybe throw a filter on it for vanity's sake, but the really brave ones might reveal a feature they're not especially proud of — like AnnaLynne McCord showing she doesn't really have perfect skin like her red carpet photos suggest. What a relief, neither do I.

Demi Lovato no makeup picture April 2013

But Demi Lovato's makeup-free picture gives me none of those feelings of relief. In fact, it makes me feel like a lump of garbage trash because holy shit she looks great. Her skin is perfectly clear, her cheeks are rosy, her coloring is beautiful. This isn't fair! This isn't why I go trolling for ‘celebrities with no make-up' on Google! Part of me hopes that she doctored that photo in some way, because if you look this good without makeup, why are you wearing any, girl? I get that things show up differently on TV, but you've really been slathering it on for X Factor. I didn't even know you had freckles, but they're adorable! You should be showing those off! Naturally, some of the ‘fans' on her Facebook page have a different opinion, accusing her of looking like she was ‘hit by a bus'. Well you're entitled to your own perspective, but as soon as you find the bus that makes you look like that, I'd like you to let me know. Because I'd like to be hit by it.

(Image: Craig Harris / WENN.com / Facebook)