Watch Demi Lovato Absolutely Crush The National Anthem

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Watch Demi Lovato Absolutely Crush the National Anthem GettyImages 495167716 jpg

One thing I have always said about Demi Lovato is that I don’t think people give her enough credit for her music career. Sure, she’s killing it as an outspoken advocate for mental illness and body image issues, but her music is totally amazing (I still have her album Demi on constant repeat and her newly-released album Confident is my new obsession) and her voice is FIRE. Seriously, girl can SANG. I really think she has one of the best voices of the current crop of pop stars and I wish people would recognize it more.

On Saturday night, Demi performed The Star Spangled Banner​ before game 4 of the World Series and she fucking CRUSHED it. Just watch it and try not to get chills.

I’m sorry, I think there’s something in my eye.

(Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Sport)