Alleged Naked Photos Of Demi Lovato Leak, But What’s More Upsetting Is That Wilmer Valderrama Is In Them

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Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Los Angeles November 2011

Another day, another alleged nude photo scandal out of young Hollywood. This time it's Demi Lovato. Photos that appear to show Demi Lovato naked and in bed have leaked online. But if you can believe it, there's another aspect of these photos that's even more upsetting. That would of course be the presence of Demi's on-again-off-again boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

I say they appear to show Demi naked because time and time again we hear that these things are fake. The photos, which you can see here, allegedly depict Demi crouching naked on a bed (albeit with all the important parts hidden), posing under bedsheets with apparently nothing on, and kissing Wilmer. And if you ask me, that's the most scandalous part about this.

If these really are naked photos of Demi, I doubt it will negatively affect her career. She's not on Disney anymore, and we've seen plenty of young stars bounce back after photo scandals. She's also an adult, so she's free to take these kinds of pictures, as risky as that may be in Hollywood. The breach of privacy would of course be troubling. But can we talk about how icky it is that Demi keeps going back to this guy? To start with, he's more than twelve years older than her, and age differences like that, especially when the younger person is only in her early twenties, always make me wary. But he's also got a bad reputation as a player. He's dated around Hollywood over the years and made public and vulgar comments about his sex life with various women.

Obviously I don't know Demi or Wilmer personally, but it seems to me that she deserves — and can do — so much better than him. She's a talented performer and a young role model for being open and positive about her personal struggles, and I hate to see her display what some would consider a lapse in judgment in her romantic life. Sigh. Why don't these celebrities ever take my advice? I'm very wise, you know.

(Photo: Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com)