The Demi Lovato Naked Photos Are Here, So You Win Pervs

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Earlier this week, I started to hear speculation that someone was shopping naked Demi Lovato photos around. Naturally, I ignored it. Naked photos aren't really my thing — especially when they're being sent around maliciously, by someone looking to hurt the celebrity. While there are many horrible things you can do to people in this world, I'm pretty selling naked photos of them to the media ranks pretty high up there on the “C'mon Humanity, Really?” list.

Celebslam, who's currently in the process of possibly buying these alleged photos, quotes the seller as saying that he got these from a friend of Demi and has no use for them….and therefore must sell them. Legally speaking, of course. Whenever you get handed naked photos of a celebrity, you must immediately go to your phone, dial the operator and tell her to connect you to everyone with money. Morals be damned. After all, if Demi didn't want these photos getting out, she never would've taken them. Am I right or am I right or am I maybe forgetting that we're talking about a 21-year-old girl who's openly talked about how much she's struggled in the past with her own issues as well as her father's very recent death.

While the photos aren't up yet, Celebslam has a NSFW preview collage up on their site now that people are already calling fake. As much as I like Demi Lovato, I am in no position to analyze if these photos are real or not simply by starring at them. WIth that said, it should be noted that Radar Online turned these photos down. And unless they suddenly grew a pair of ethics overnight, I would say that's a pretty big red flag when you're trying to determine their authenticity.

So instead of staring at them closely and trying to determine if her tattoos look shopped or not, watch this video of her accepting the award at SAMHSA's Mental Health Awareness Day earlier this year. You know, just to give yourself a reminder of why she's such an inspiration to so many fans and why she's so much bigger and better than this stupid scandal.

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