Unsurprisingly, Demi Lovato Has The Best Opinion About Miley Cyrus I’ve Heard Yet

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Demi Lovato blue hair red lips October 2013You've probably seen her amazing Halloween costume from earlier today, but we already have another reason for you to be impressed by Demi Lovato. I know. Her coolness knows no bounds.

This time I'm giving her props not for having an awesomely terrifying  outfit, but for giving probably the best and smartest statement about Miley Cyrus that I've heard yet. And that's saying a lot, considering every single person on the face of this green earth has had something to say about her. Demi's thoughts come from a preview of an interview with Katie Couric that will be airing in its entirety later this month, and they seem to be pretty candid, which is surprising considering how poised and intelligent she sounds. I don't get this girl.

She and Miley grew up kind of alongside each other on the Disney Channel, so Katie couldn't resist asking Demi how she felt about Miley's evolution lately and the surrounding controversy. And while I'm sure she was hoping for a good sound byte, I don't think she was expecting something so diplomatic and honest at the same time:

“I think she knows what she's doing. A lot of artists take that route of shock value and that's totally fine and that's great, but I think that she has such an incredible voice that's overshadowed by some of the things that she's doing…but everyone's on their different journeys right now and she's doing that and she's having fun, so power to her.”

Yeah, see that's perfect. First of all she's in a position to speak about Miley because she knows what she's talking about. Miley is in charge of her own career, and she's in the news, so she's succeeding. Bottom line. I tend to agree with Demi that she's overshadowing her own talent, but what can you really do?

“People are talking about her. She's a businesswoman, after all, and that's what she's doing…I think the world kinda needs to get over the fact that she was Hannah Montana. And same thing with me — I guess my transition was a little easier because I went straight to rehab.”

Oh man. As always, I am completely obsessed with how open Demi is. She's so incredibly self-aware that it's scary, to the point where she can talk about her stay in rehab as her own transition to adulthood. She knows that she and Miley are on different paths to the same destination and just says:

“Go a little easy on us, America.”

You got it, lady.