Demi Lovato Bravely Went To Rehab Because She Was Scared Of Losing Her Little Sister

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Demi Lovato Madison De La Garza Do Something Awards Hollywood California August 14 2011

The more that Demi Lovato opens up about her whirlwind struggles with drugs, alcohol, and self-image, the more that I truly respect her. And, while I've read countless interviews about her sobriety issues, I'd never really known (or considered, maybe) how her battles with addiction affected her loved ones. Namely, her now-12-year-old sister, fellow actress, Madison De La Garza. She had a big role on Desperate Housewives when it was still around, but the thing that you need to know about her right now is that Demi was threatened with a ban from seeing her until she agreed to get professional help. Which is crazy scary.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Demi opens up just a little more to allow us a look at what it was like to be young, super rich and famous, and an addict. It's pretty long but is well worth the full read. But in case you have, like, a doctor's appointment or something soon, I've pulled the best quotes.

“I was making a bunch of money and when my parents would get on to me for drinking and staying out, I would say, ‘I pay the bills, so what are you going to do?' I was riding this wave of entitlement and superiority and they were in an impossible position because there’s no manual that explains how to deal with the sort of teenager I was.”

Which is exactly the position that a lot of parents of successful child stars find themselves in. Because kids are mostly brats and will push every button they can find, especially when they have a doozy like that one in their arsenal. And especially especially when they are consumed by addiction.

But this apparent upper-hand that Demi wielded didn't last long because, more than money, Demi's mother had the power to remove her youngest daughter from Demi's life if she felt it necessary. Which is exactly what she'd threatened to do.

“An added incentive was an edict from her mother that she would not be allowed to see her little sister unless she got help. ‘Mum saying that made me realise (sic) that my life was a shambles and, although I had a lot of success, I was also very alone and miserable. I love Madison and one of the main reasons I wanted to get better was because I didn’t want to be apart from her.’”

Talk about a wake up call! I can't even imagine how scary that must have been for everyone who would've been involved in this isolation. Because that's an “end of the rope” decision if ever there was one.

Thankfully, though, Demi chose to check into rehab to begin recovery. And now, she has some of the skills she needs to guide her younger sister, who is sort of growing up around similar elements as Demi did.

“[If I were] stuck in a[n elevator] with my younger self, I could tell her that she is going to be OK and she doesn’t need to get drunk or do drugs to be happy. I tell my little sister, who is 12, that if she waits until she is 21 to have her first drink, I’ll give her a million dollars!”

Legit never stop sharing your story, girl. It's so inspiring that I can barely stand it.

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