Demi Lovato Is Leaving X Factor, Which Should Just Be Renamed Musical Chairs At This Point

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Demi Lovato Is Leaving X Factor  Which Should Just Be Renamed Musical Chairs At This Point Demi Lovato Shocked gifDemi Lovato has confirmed reports that she’s leaving The X Factor USA after this season to focus on her music career. You know The X Factor, don’t you? It’s that singing show that keeps its judges and hosts about as long as Taylor Swift keeps her boyfriends. Spoiler alert: It’s not long. Demi explained to reporters after last night’s performance finals that next year she wants to stay committed to her music:

“In 2014, I’m going to dedicate it entirely to music, touring and making a new album.”

The show’s creator/judge/professional chest-rubber Simon Cowell also confirmed the news and said he “always knew” that Demi wouldn’t be back next season because of her tour plans. But I’m betting he also knew she wouldn’t be back because no one is ever back. His show has become a glorified game of musical chairs. Forget those hard-working chairs on The Voice; the X Factor chairs can’t even predict who’s gonna sit on them any given season. This show has its changed judges (and its hosts) so many times in its three-season run that we actually put together an entire post ranking them all by talent. Even Simon Cowell has said he might not return as judge next season.

But of course I think this move can really only hurt The X Factor, not Demi. I’m no Hollywood career expert (shocking, I know), but I am an expert in forgetting that Demi is even on that show. When I think of Demi Lovato, I think of her talent as a singer and her wise words about addiction and her cool blue hair. So it’s not like that show is what’s keeping her in the spotlight. Plus, if this means she can focus more attention on her music career, I ain’t complaining. She already put out a great album when she was still on the show, so imagine what she can do while she’s off it.

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