Demi Lovato Calls Joe Jonas ‘Stupid’ In The Most Graceful Way Ever

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Demi Lovato attending X Factor season three finalist party November 2013

As you know, for whatever reason, Joe Jonas decided that we all just didn't know enough about his life and his deep, personal thoughts about sex, drugs, and other celebrities and opened up about these things to Vulture.  Which is probably the exact opposite of what you should do following your band's break-up amid rumors of your drug addiction, but to each his own I guess.

Anyway, he chose to throw Demi Lovato under the bus by deciding he had every right to discuss her drug addiction struggles.  I immediately wished I had a soapbox to stand on so I could shake my fist at Joe for being such a turd, Demi took the high road and publicly reinforced her love and support of Joe via Twitter.  Until yesterday.  When asked about her initial response to Joe's article (like, her real response, not the super mature public response), she said:

“My first reaction was, ‘Well that was stupid.'  But we are always going to be in each other's lives.  I was like, ‘Choose your words more carefully next time, but whatever, you're fine!'”

Can I get an Amen?  Seriously.  That was still a little too nice of her, but it just further demonstrates the maturity, class and confidence she exudes on a regular basis.  I read the entire Vulture piece, and while I'm still not sure what the reasoning was behind the paragraphs and paragraphs of word vomit, I'm sure it wasn't easy opening up about Joe's struggles with the boy band image and Disney.  But after reading what fellow Disney star Dylan Sprouse had to say about Joe's “take-down”ish piece, I stand firmly on his team.  (I am also firmly planted on Team Purity Ring.  Baha.)

Now, speaking of take-down pieces… Santa, the time is ticking away and I still don't have that juicy Gwyneth Paltrow Vanity Fair article!

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