Demi Lovato Trolls Jimmy Fallon On His Own Show, Then Moves Into A Timeshare In My Heart

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Jimmy Fallon Demi Lovato tweet

There's no doubt in my mind that our generation's greatest accomplishment will be perfecting the art of trolling. Look no further than the Twitter stunt (twunt) that Demi Lovato pulled last night before going on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It combines every great element of trolling: surprise, embarrassment and mild harassment that does no real harm.

Apparently Demi specializes in trolling middle-aged celebrities with awkward old photos floating around.  As we learned on the show last night, she frequently shares photos of Simon Cowell wearing his signature v-neck shirts back in the day. While I personally find nothing about Simon Cowell or his not-at-all-modest chest hair funny, I suppose I can see the humor in her cyber-shaming her X Factor boss. (Even if he does give me the cringies by flirting shamelessly with her on national TV.)

Yesterday she took a day off from tweeting out photos of Simon to tweet out an old photo of Jimmy Fallon in high school. It's amazing. In the way that everyone's high school photos are amazing. If I could go back in time, the first thing I would do is take more embarrassing photos of myself. Okay, that's a lie. The first thing I would do is write all seven of the Harry Potter books. The second thing I would do is give an autographed copy to JK Rowling, because getting your billion dollar ideas stolen by a time traveler sucks. But the third thing I would do is definitely take more awkward photos of myself as a teenager. To think of all the amazing #TBTs I could post on Instagram!

And that's why I love what Demi did to Jimmy Fallon so much. She combined my love of trolling and awkward photos all in my one magical tweet. Even though sometimes I feel like our obsession for her is overkill on Crushable, moments like this remind me why we love her so much. She's a real live person with a real live sense of humor. Something I like to think that people say about me on occasion.

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