Let’s Predict The Plot Of Demi Lovato’s New Video Based On This Preview Clip

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Demi Lovato, empowering and inspiring, is set to release the music video for her new single “Heart Attack” on March 4th. To help stir up anticipation for it, she released cover art and a preview clip today which tell us precious little about what the video is going to be like, aside from the fact that Demi is not afraid to pair a Peter Pan collar with an otherwise totally '80s outfit. I could wait until the full version is available to post it, but because I know you Lovatics out there do not want to wait that long, I've come up with a few predictions for the video which logically follow what we've seen so far.

First, the clip:

Now, my educated guesses:

-Demi Lovato will mix it up by making this album dis-empowering to young girls. Just a new thing she is trying. Don't put her in a box.

Billy Joel will appear and say “ack ack ack ack ack” every time Demi Lovato sings the phrase “heart attack.”

Cathy will appear and start saying “ack” too, because it's her favorite word and someone else is already saying it.

-Demi will do a Drake style brag-rap complete with actual gold bars and objectified male dancers in order to illustrate “life and how rewarding it can be.”

-Demi's hair will float right off her head, revealing the tiny person who lives inside of it controlling her every move.

-Demi Lovato will have an actual heart attack and die. Billy Joel will sing at her funeral. Wilmer Valderrama will officiate.

-Wilmer Valderrama's mere involvement will cause the video to carry an “explicit content” warning despite its lack of traditionally explicit content.

(Via MTV Buzzworthy)

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