Demi Lovato Joining Glee Is Almost Enough To Make Me Watch Again, But Not Quite

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Demi Lovato Teen Choice Awards August 2013

Demi Lovato is "nearing a deal to join" the cast of Glee for season 5, according to TV Line. It will be a "significant arc," for at least six episodes starting with the October 3rd episode, which will be part 2 of the Beatles tribute. Demi will play a character named Dani who (spoiler alert-ish) is a friend of Rachel and Santana's. Oh, and she'll a also be a "struggling artist." I bet she'll live in a cool apartment, though, because struggling artists on TV are still super-fabulous. Demi will apparently have frequent interactions with Adam Lambert's new character, with whom she'll perform musical numbers. That specifically sounds like it'll be pretty rad, and it's almost enough to make me watch the show again, but not quite.

I really like Demi Lovato. I think she does something different from other young singers her age in that she's not all about looking hot and churning out derivative pop tunes. She seems really passionate about her music, and she shows incredible maturity and an honest and positive outlook on her past struggles. This will be her first major acting role since her Disney Channel series Sonny With a Chance ended two years ago. I never even watched that show, so it would be interesting to get a peek at her acting chops now that she's a little older. But I just don't think she's a big enough draw to convince me to return to the show, which I stopped watching last season after gradually losing interest and finding it more and more annoying.

The fact that Glee is grabbing all these guest stars doesn't exactly give me confidence that things will improve this season. It seems like a way of compensating for the fact that they're running out of original storytelling and have resorted to after-school-special-style storylines that teach heavy-handed lessons and weigh down the once-joyous musical numbers in melodrama. Plus, as the TV Line report points out, and as others have suspected, this reeks of cross-promotional opportunism. Demi's a judge on Fox's The X Factor, whose results show will lead into Glee this fall. While I'm inclined to believe that Demi is interested in the show for more reasons than that, it seems a bit too obvious a marketing device for my taste.

I'll probably watch Demi's musical numbers the morning after, though. One thing you can say about that show, and about Demi, is that they always bring it musically. Glee returns Thursday, September 26 at 9/8c.

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