Demi Lovato Tweeted A Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Dad That Will Make You Want To Hug Yours

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I think we can all agree that Demi Lovato is one of the realest and most inspirational celebrities out there right now. She is very open and honest about her battles with mental illness, eating disorders, and self harm, she knows how to classily shade former boyfriends that she's too good for now, and she looks flawless when sharing a makeup-free selfie on Instagram. The girl has basically got it all going on at such a young age.

It's sometimes hard to forget how young she is when she handles everything in life with such grace…and an awesome hair cut and color, like the new purple dreads she's now rocking. True to form of her constant honesty and desire to not hide from sharing her pain with the world, she took to Twitter on June 20 to share a photo collage of her and her father to commemorate one year since his passing from his battle with cancer.

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Though Demi has been raised by her mother and stepfather since her parents divorce in 1994, she still maintained a relationship with her father, though it was sometimes strained. From these pics, you can tell that she is still coming to terms with his death and is doing so like any other girl her age would.

After the collage was posted, Demi tweeted, “My dad suffered from severe mental illness so at least there's peace in knowing he's not suffering anymore.”

Wow, Demi. Way to break our hearts and also not shy away from the fact that mental illness runs in her family. She is constantly bringing awareness to the effects of mental illness and even goes as far as calling out celebs, like Lady Gaga, who sometimes glamorize eating disorders. Demi always confronts these problems head on, and we love her for it. Demi Lovato: life/hair role model of our dreams.

(Photo: Andres Otero/WENN.com)