Demi Lovato Dumped By Joe Jonas Proxy Over Phone

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Demi Lovato was in for a rude surprise when she answered a call from her boyfriend Joe Jonas the other day…only to be unceremoniously dumped over the phone by his dad. This according to impeccable sources of Perez Hilton, who broke the news that Joe's dad had dumped Demi for his son after a brief phone call. So how will this pan out for Demi and Selena Gomez, whose BFFness has taken a beating possibly in part because Selena broke off from Nick Jonas earlier this year? Or Demi and Taylor Swift, who used to date Joe and was also dumped over the phone? Either way, it's going to be interesting when Demi has to go on tour with the bros. this summer, and without Papa Jonas to mitigate.

We think Taylor, Selena, and Demi should all get together, put former Mean Girls antics aside, and have a good, old-fashioned boy-bashing sesh. I mean come on, you're better off without him, Demi. You want to end up like Kevin Jonas‘ wife, sleeping in separate beds?

(Photo by Angela Weiss at Getty)