Demi Lovato Poses With A Corpse On Twitter, Gives Absolutely Zero Context

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Demi Lovato posing with a corpse in Twitter January 2014For the first time ever, Demi Lovato and I seem to be having very different afternoons. Usually we're both sitting around at work gabbing right about now, maybe grabbing a hot cocoa from the kitchen or getting a single to number one on iTunes. You know, normal gal pal stuff like that. But today I looked around when it was the time we usually go to the vending machine and film X Factor, and she was nowhere to be found.

Apparently while the rest of us were going about our normal days, Demi was hanging out with some sort of corpse / zombie / I don't know creature, posting the above photo on Twitter with the caption: ‘Shout out to my girl lookin #DropDeadGorgeous!! #TWINZIES' Which, unless I'm missing something, provides absolutely no context for this encounter. For example — what is that? Is it a who? Is it alive? Should I fear it? Are you in danger? There are any number of explanations for why Demi is spending her afternoon with a mud-splattered face instead of with me, and I'm gonna need some of them.

Here are some guesses from my coworkers as to what the eff is going on here:

  • “Maybe she's at a museum,” speculates Vanessa, who I guess I'm supposed to assume goes into the Museum Of Natural History and takes selfies with the taxidermied exhibits ALL THE TIME.
  • “Is she in a movie? My guess is prop,” speculated Meg, who is the wisest of us all and probably correct.
  • “Is it a reference to Walking Dead? I'm reaching here, I know.” said Sam, who will never shut up about zombies oh my god.
  • “Perhaps it's a dead person,” whispered someone else at the table, who is apparently very calm under pressure. (Just kidding it was Sam again.)

I mean these are all very good guesses but I NEED ANSWERS YOU GUYS.

(Photo: Twitter)