Add ‘A Killer Christina Aguilera Impression’ To The List Of Things Demi Lovato Can Do

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Demi Lovato hair up red lipstick October 2013Is there anything Demi Lovato can't do? No, I really mean that — is there? She has a singing career, an acting career, she made it through rehab in one piece, she's writing a book, she had the best Halloween costume ever, she can't give a bad interview, and at twenty-one, she's more mature than most forty year olds out there. Particularly celebrities.

But to that already-impressive roster of talents we can also add a pretty dead-on Christina Aguilera impression, because Demi busted one out on her Keek the other day. As you probably know, Demi is a judge for X Factor and Christina is a judge for The Voice, so Demi took it upon herself to get an unofficial endorsement from her rival show in a pretty genius way. (Oh and have we mentioned yet that celebrities imitating other celebrities is pretty much our favorite thing? Because it is.)

She took a picture of Christina and somehow removed the mouth part, replacing it with her own, singing. It looks like a hungry monster because her lips are scarily far up on her face and they keep moving around, but if you can ignore that and just listen to the impression, it turns out it's pretty killer. She sings her way through a plug for the show and its judges to the tune of Xtina's song ‘Ain't No Other Man', and it's so good! Not only does it sound exactly like Christina, but it also shows of Demi's voice in an amazing way.

Lest you mistake her for Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus or another one of those Disney stars who can put out an album but not perform it live, don't get it twisted — girl can SANG. (Um, ahem. I don't know what happened to me back there. I was just typing along and then the spirit of Christina possessed my vocabulary. My apologies.)

Christina you are SO sweet!!! Thank you so much for supporting the X Factor!!!
Wasn't that awesome? I love it. So impressed. Plus we now know that the Kardashians aren't the only human beings in the world on Keek, as previously suspected. So hey! You learn something new every day!

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