Degrassi: Now or Never Didn’t Kill Adam, Has No Balls

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In place of my usual Degrassi recap, I'm going to post my reactions to the season finale for Degrassi: Now or Never. Because let's be honest — we didn't care about anything but who would die. Except that no one bit the dust! It sounds a bit heartless, but I think I can speak for the fans when I say we were looking forward to a really dramatic ending. If Adam had died like everyone thought, we would've mourned him, but the finale would've had substance.

Maybe I had my signals crossed, but from the previews I was sure that the writers intended to, in addition to graduating major characters, kill someone off this season. Especially when you consider the dramatic narration: It's their last chance to find new love, to make a choice, to forget the past. How far will they go when every moment counts? Especially — when it could be — their last.

There's a difference between airing a preview days before the finale insinuating that someone might die (which prompted the Adam conspiracy theory) and slipping that “clue” in six weeks ahead of time. It's a red herring, and it's just too manipulative.

So, let's look at “Dead and Gone, Part 2” itself. The scene where Drew met Vince (the gang guy who's been tormenting Drew and his friends all season) for lunch was so tense and really well done: Honestly, I was perched on the edge of my couch and gasped every few moments. The look on Vince's face when Drew picked up his phone and said, “Yeah, we're still on for prom, B”? Fantastic.

I'm not saying this episode wasn't well done. In fact, the writers smartly cut straight to prom, and even gave us a tender Adam/Bianca moment that made up for her mocking him during ballroom dancing classes early in the season. It was so sweet that we were even more convinced that Adam was going to take a bullet.

And he did… but in the shoulder. There wasn't even the fear that he might not pull through. It was laughably insignificant.

Then Bianca grabbed the gun, and we were sure that when she said, “I have to end this” she was going to take her own life. Because as many issues as Drew and Vince have, it really comes down to Bianca, in sort of a West Side Story way. What a great twist!

But that didn't happen, either. We got a weepy scene between her and Drew which has us convinced that next season will have them reuniting, but ultimately the police got rid of Vince. If that were so easy to do, why didn't Bianca and Drew try that around episode 6?

Degrassi is the kind of show that needs a big shake-up; graduating the current seniors just won't cut it. We needed to see someone leave permanently. They've done it twice before: School shooter Rick got shot when Sean struggled to pull the gun out of his hand, and J.T. got stabbed by a rival gang. Those episodes aired in 2004 and 2007. So what is it about 2011 that makes the writers so unwilling to get some blood on their hands?