Ranking the Degrassi: Next Class Characters From Worst to First

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People like to give all the credit to programs like Dr. Who and The Simpsons when it comes to long-lasting TV shows. It's rude because Degrassi has been around for almost four decades now. Yup, in 1979, Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler credited the first incarnation of the show. Since then we've met a wide — and we mean wide — an array of characters over the years.

Of course, there is the first crop that started it all. Then there was Degrassi: The Next Generation that housed Drake aka Jimmy Brooks. Now we have Degrassi: Next Class. Which is what we're talking about today. It'd take a scholar to rank the hundreds of characters who've made Degrassi what it is today (though quite honestly, we might not be opposed). Today, however, We're going to focus on ranking the ones that make us still watch Degrassi: Next Class over on Netflix.

So here they are the characters of Degrassi: Next Class ranked from worst to first. Where did your favorite land?