The Dos And Don’ts Of Drama, With Degrassi: Abandon The Freaks!

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Marisol and Imogen Degrassi: New Beginnings "Underneath It All, Part 1"

Not to lay it on too thick, but with the beginning of the school year in Degrassi time, everyone's looking for new beginnings. Turned on by their secret step-sibling dating, Clare has decided she wants to have sex with Jake… but not until she's sure they're emotionally ready. Fresh out of rehab, Fiona is a super-senior hoping to ingratiate herself with the popular juniors-turned-seniors so that she'll finish her time at Degrassi without a scandal. But that means she's leaving her artsy friends Eli and Imogen behind.

Then there are the “niners,” the new freshmen: Katie‘s little sister Maya, who wanted to go to an arts school but had to settle for Degrassi High; former beauty pageant queen Tori and her gay best friend Tristan, who have some mysterious problem with hottie Zig from their junior high.

So, plenty happened last night! There was a senior prank gone wrong, a couple of mysterious character histories hinted at, and lots of fresh blood to get to know this season. The schedule's a little wonky: We get “Underneath It All, Part 2” this Friday, then the rest of the season starts up on Fridays. So, look for our next recap on Saturday morning. For now, check out our recap in the gallery below!

Photos: Degrassi Fan Wiki and Teen Nick