Dear Coachella, TLC And Everyone: Please Stop Bringing Dead People Back Via Hologram

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Following the success of Tupac Shakur‘s appearance from beyond the grave at Coachella and the subsequent announcement of 2013's all hologram line-up, it looks like 90's R&B/hiphop act TLC might jump on the hologram train as well. As you may know, yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of the day TLC lost its “L”, and the remaining members of the group are now saying they might “resurrect” Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes for their upcoming reunion tour. I put “resurrect” in scare quotes because modern science has yet to figure out how to actually resurrect a dead person. AS WELL IT SHOULDN'T.

It's not yet known what kind of technology they'll use to “resurrect” Left Eye, but according to Tionne “T-Boz” Watkinstwitter account, they're going to use the best tech they've got the budget for. Which could maybe, possibly, probably, include holograms. To which I ask: is this really a healthy way to remember your dead friend? Stop it. Stop it right now. You'll thank me later.

The thing about these newfangled holograms is this: they fall victim to the “uncanny valley” theory whereby the closer a human replica comes to seeming like a human without actually being one, the more they creep us the fuck out. Add in the fact that it's a hologram of a dead person, and you have a whole extra layer of wrongness. Would you drag your dead friend's corpse around the stage on puppet strings and try to make her perform with you? No, that would be psychotic. So why do a high tech version of that?

I have no problem with remembering the dead. Do a tribute, show archival footage, let everyone in the audience cry and cry. But there's a difference between honoring someone's memory, and trying to pretend like she's still there. She did enough performing in life. Now, it's time to let her be dead and move on.

(Via MTV News)