Dear Bravo: Chris Manzo Is Not A Millionaire That Needs Matchmaking

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Last night on The Millionaire Matchmaker, dating guru Patti Stanger came to New Jersey to help Caroline Manzo, a star of Bravo's other show The Real Housewives of New Jersey, set up her sons Albie and Chris Manzo. There were more than a few things that didn't work on the show. Mainly, the men Patti sets up are supposed to be a catch. And we're pretty sure Chris Manzo does not qualify.

Of course, we get that having another Bravo star on the show is great synergy for the network, but the Manzo sons aren't actually millionaires (Patti called them “millionaires in training”). And aside from working for his parents six days a week, Chris Manzo has only ever had one girlfriend. And we may know why: Given the opportunity for a date, Chris chose to have dinner at Medieval Times.

It's hard to understand exactly how this happened. Obviously it was a terrible idea. Pretty girls, as a general rule, aren't big fans of eating large hunks of meat with their hands while wearing silk dresses. Which is easy to tell from Chris' date's reaction:

“So we're supposed to eat with our hands? …Awesome.”

Then of course there's the fact that to film a date at Medieval Times, Bravo had to empty out the entire venue. Can you think of something less fun than going on a first date at the crowded, raucous coliseum of Medieval Times? Oh yeah. It's this: Going on a date at Medieval Times when it's empty.

As if this date wasn't awkward enough, when the camera panned away, the audience got a big view of the empty room, echoing the awfulness that was this date. At least Chris took her somewhere else afterward. Too bad he still wanted to go home around 8p.m.:

“After this, I think I'm just going to go home. Because I have work in the morning.”

This guy. Is possibly the worst date ever. Need more proof? This is how he reacted when he learned that his date didn't enjoy herself (because he clearly couldn't be bothered to ask her himself):

“She was down for the turkey leg. I don't care what she said.”

Wait a second. This guy has only had one girlfriend in his life? I almost don't believe it.