Dear Ben Gibbard: Is This Really How You Want To Win Zooey Back?

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Dear Ben Gibbard  Is This Really How You Want To Win Zooey Back  ben gibbard and zooey deschanel jpgIn case you didn’t know, Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard is some sort of avid runner. As in the li’l generic rocker runs marathons and most recently the L.A. Marathon, where he even lost a couple toenails. Yum. But the real question here is: Is he better at running than he is at winning back his woman? Because a quote from next month’s Runner’s World has us thinking he’s working hard on the latter. [tagbox tag= “celebrity relationships”]

In February’s issue of Runner’s World, Gibbard discusses both music and running, and more importantly what gets him “pumped.” Although I half expected him to say one of his band’s songs (“The Sound of Settling,” perhaps?), Gibbard did even better: he claimed it’s a She & Him song that gets him rearing to go for a run. “She” being his soon-to-be ex-wife Zooey Deschanel and “He” being fellow musician M.Ward.

According to Spin, Gibbard said:

“Somebody on the Internet did a mashup of Ludacris and a song by She & Him, ‘Sentimental Mouths.’ The vocals are She & Him, but they put it with Ludacris, and it’s a totally triumphant thing for me to run to.”

After listening to the song, it’s easy to think Gibbard is one hell of a liar. I’m not talking shit about the song, but I am saying it’s not exactly a running song unless your idea of running is sauntering along in a rain storm at the end of a Katherine Heigl movie.

I’ve seen a lot of interesting techniques of people trying to win their exes back, but I really love this one. It takes something extra special to publicly announce that you’re rocking out to your ex’s music when it’s time to break a sweat. There’s so much to read between the lines on this that I can’t even think straight.

Take a listen to the song and tell us if you really think this is running material.