Dean McDermott Faked A Migraine To Get Tori Spelling To Stop Talking About His Affair

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Dean McDermott Faked A Migraine To Get Tori Spelling To Stop Talking About His Affair Dean McDermott cringing on True Tori preview May 2014 jpgIf you happen to be struggling in your marriage right now and are worried that it might not work, I invite you to take a look at this clip of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott from tonight’s episode of True ToriI’m pretty much positive that they end up still together at the end of this docu-series, and if they can make it as a couple with the insanely stunted communication skills you see in this video, then you and your partner are gonna be just fine.

Obviously they’re talking about what they always talk about on this show — Dean’s infidelity — and both the therapist and the reality show cameras are there, which is of course just how therapy was intended to be practiced. Tori is explaining that what scares her most about the cheating was how there was no outward sign of it in Dean himself:

“There was nothing that showed. It was that gut instinct, but you weren’t doing anything different. It’s creepy to think that someone could be that good of an actor, that they could come back and not only have lied to you, and does this to you, but then come back and completely go on with your lives together, and raising your kids.”

She says she was the most blindsided because it happened during a time when she was particularly aware of giving 100% to the marriage, sending Dean pictures of their four kids at an event that he couldn’t attend because he was away working, aka spending an illicit weekend with the mysterious Canadian Emily Goodhand.

“We were at a Christmas event. I was taking pictures of the kids in fake snow. I had all four kids there by myself, managing them, and you called me and we talked to you on FaceTime and  I was like, ‘Oh, daddy’s busy, he’s working.’ And this is the memory I have of that Saturday.”

And at that point Dean had apparently had enough, because he put both hands up to the side of his head and grimaced almost comically. He just froze with this twisted expression on his face, with Tori gaping back and forth between him and the therapist, until finally she goes, “…babe?” Because he’s just sitting there swearing.

“Holy fuck! Like an ice pick through my head.”

Stop the presses everyone. Tori Spelling is such an effective orator that her words become actual physical ice picks, capable of plunging through a human skull. This is very impressive, and I can’t believe that more people don’t want to study Tori in a lab because of it. Especially because this apparently isn’t even the first time this has happened.

“This is why I don’t do it! See, this is bad.”

No, what’s bad is the fact that your husband has learned that having a tantrum is a fail-safe way out of a difficult conversation. That’s pretty bad.

True Tori airs Tuesday nights at 10:00pm on Lifetime.