Dean McDermott Cheated On Tori Spelling Because Sex Every 14 Days Wasn’t Enough

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Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling in True Tori April 2014Ugh you guys, I'm never getting married. Or at least, I'm never getting married to Dean McDermott. Not only is he now two for two in the category of Wives He's Been Unfaithful To, but he also seems bound and determined to find a way to blame his cheating on the very person he was cheating on, in this case, Tori Spelling. Charming.

A more extensive clip has been released for Tori's new reality show, True Toriwhich premieres tonight at 10:00pm on Lifetime, and in it, we see the couple undergoing marriage counseling. Because that's totally something that should take place on camera and not behind closed doors. What could go wrong? (Answer: I could see it and write the exact post that I'm working on now.)

It starts with Dean complaining to their therapist about the slump their sex life has been in:

Dean: “We have four kids, so in the sex department, there were ebbs and flows. Is that fair to say?

Tori: “We had a great relationship, and we had a great sex life.”

Dean: “We had sex once every two weeks. It wasn't…fantastic.”

Tori's wild gesticulations, and a therapist so shocked by his statement that she doesn't even bother to be neutral. In response to Tori's disbelief, she just goes, “I know” and then follows that up with:

“Dean, your expectations of what a marriage is supposed to be like sexually — it's like a fairytale.

UM YEAH. But seriously dude, every fourteen days? That was rarely enough for you to justifying straying outside your marriage? You guys have been married for eight years and had four children together! I'm honestly surprised you two have sex at all, let alone multiple times a month. There are a ton of guys (married and otherwise) out there who would trade places with  you in a heartbeat.

But he totally doesn't get it, calling himself ‘insatiable', and implying that he was so desperate for ‘a warm body' that he slept with someone he wasn't even attracted to. He refers to sex as ‘an escape, just like drugs or alcohol', and everything that comes out of his mouth is so defensive that I'm marveling at the balls on this dude. And not in a good way.

He manages to get it so turned around that he's almost describing himself as the victim here, saying that cheating is his nightmare.

“My worst nightmare is what I did. Absolutely. I cheated on my wife. That's my worst nightmare.”

Yeah but the thing is, you were awake. So sack up and take some responsibility for yourself, because if we're being fair, you know who this might be a bigger nightmare for? Your wife.

(Image: Lifetime)