Dean McDermott Accidentally Tweeted A Photo Of Tori Spelling’s Breasts

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At first glance, this looks like a perfectly harmless photo of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling‘s son Liam, right? Well, look again, because there are a pair of breasts underneath Liam's head there. Yep, Dean accidentally tweeted a photo of his kid that features his topless wife in the background. Whoops?

Dean sent out the photo yesterday, then quickly pulled it down after folks began replying with the findings of their “I spy” game. We're going to go ahead and assume that this was really a mistake, because the implications that someone would willingly release a photo of his child next to his wife's breasts is too unsettling to consider. [tagbox tag=”Tori Spelling”]

The kicker? Yesterday happened to be Dean's birthday, and Tori wrote a (public, of course) love letter to her husband. It starts:

“I've known you my whole life. But only in my heart. I would dream of you for so long. So many represented you. My dad. Every Ken doll I ever played with. Every prince in every Disney cartoon. The lead character in every John Hughes film. Not one guy I ever dated. And, then you became a reality. It took me 32 years to find you. But only after I found me could I find you. Because you stood for the other half of me. You allowed me to be me. You've helped me achieve my dreams. I reach further knowing if I fall you'll be there to catch me. You've given me the greatest gift I can ever know. The gift of motherhood.”

Happy birthday to the Internet.

(via Huffington Post)