Daytime Talk Shows – September 15, 2009

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Today, on The Bonnie Hunt Show, Reba McEntire and “Househusbands of Hollywood” are making their way over to the show.  Then Dr. Phil  heads to New York City! Also, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Queen Latifah stops by while Martha Stewart teaches us some great do-it-yourself projects. Don’t forget to catch the second part of Oprah’s season premiere, which airs with Whitney Houston. Plus, Rachael Ray has Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on the show while Regis and Kelly chat with guests Aaron Eckhart and Laura Leighton and have Guinness World Record Breaker Week. On The ViewKate Gosselin guest co-hosts and Dr. Phil and Taylor Swift make an appearance. Then, Tyra Banks gets real with biracial people who hate part of their racial identity. Then, Wendy Williams has the lovely Lisa Rinna on the show.

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  • Bonnie Hunt –  Reba McEntire and “Househusbands of Hollywood”
  • Dr. Phil –  Dr. Phil in New York City!
  • Ellen –  Queen Latifah,
  • Martha – The Do-It-Yourself Show
  • Oprah – Season Premiere Part 2: Whitney Houston’s Showstopping Surprise
  • Rachael Ray – Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & "Hungry Girl"
  • Regis and Kelly – Aaron Eckhart, Laura Leighton and Guinness World Record Breaker Week
  • The View –  Kate Gosselin, Dr. Phil and Taylor Swift
  • Tyra – Biracial People Who Hate One Side of Themselves!
  • Wendy Williams – Lisa Rinna