Daytime Talk Shows – October 1, 2009

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On The Bonnie Hunt Show today, Tim Gunn, Laura Leighton and Dina Zaphiris stop by for a visit. Then, Dr. Phil discusses the troubles of being a girl. Ellen DeGeneres chats with Melissa Sandvig and Ade Abayomi  while Martha Stewart has Isabella Rossellini on the show. Then, Oprah brings out a woman who will inspire us all to succeed. Rachael Ray has her own Project Runway while Regis and Kelly have Woody Harrelson on the show. Then, on The View, Heidi Montag guest co-hosts. Also, Amy Brenneman and Carrie Fisher stop by. Tyra Banks has an episode all about men today while Wendy Williams discusses must-have fall fashion accessories.

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  • Bonnie Hunt –  Tim Gunn. Laura Leighton and Dina Zaphiris
  • Dr. Phil – Girl World
  • Ellen – Melissa Sandvig, Ade Abayomi
  • Martha – Isabella Rossellini
  • Oprah –  You’ll Never Give Up on a Dream After Seeing This Woman
  • Rachael RayProject Runway … The RR Way
  • Regis and Kelly –  Woody Harrelson and the Relly Awards
  • The View – Heidi Montag, Amy Brenneman and Carrie Fisher
  • Tyra –  Tyra: Men’s Edition
  • Wendy Williams – Must-have fall fashion accessories