Daytime Talk Shows – November 25, 2009

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Wednesday on Daytime talk

  • Bonnie Hunt – Jimmy Kimmel, Jeff Ross and Ree Drummond
  • Dr. Phil – How to Spot a Liar, Confront a Cheat and Escape a Scam Artist
  • Ellen –  Sandra Bullock
  • Martha – Thanksgiving Prep with Chef Michael Anthony
  • Oprah –  Remembering Ted Kennedy: Vicki Kennedy's First TV Interview
  • Rachael Ray – Thanksgiving on Main Street
  • Regis and Kelly – Thomans Gibson, Cirque Du Soleil, Regis and Joy
  • The View – Natalie Portman and the winners of Dancing with the Stars perform.
  • Tyra –  ‘How to Be Famous’ with Heidi & Spencer, Plus, Tyra Celebrates the First Black Princess at Disney World
  • Wendy Williams – “Hot Topics”