Dax Shepard: My Weird Celebrity Crush

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Lately I’ve had this habit of falling asleep during Lost. How can that be when I used to go on Lost benders, sacrificing much-needed rest to catch up on the latest with my favorite characters on television? Yes, my Lost sleep disorder is a nasty thing, and it is only worsened by the guilt I experience every Tuesday when another network television show, Parenthood, keeps me in a wake state for an entire episode. I even have it on the DVR recording schedule with the direction that it may only be manually erased (it does share Lost's time slot).

Who thought Parenthood could be this good? I mean, I have parents. Do I love hourlong family dramas? Not really. Do I love a good montage? Who doesn’t (see how I answered a question with a question?). But there’s really only one plausible question left to ask: Is Dax Shepard my weird celebrity crush? Yes he is.

Oh Daxy, you’re so … saxy?! Dax Shepard. I just like saying his name. I mean, have you ever known a Dax before? He plays the character Crosby on the dramatized television version of the movie classic. I feel like the casting agent for Parenthood must have said, “Let’s find an actor with a name as equally weird as the character.”

The first time I heard of Dax, he was another notch in Kate Hudson’s belt. But the notch has risen. Did you see Baby Mama? He was oddly charming as white-trash Carl who drove a Trans Am or something with the “MYGRLROX” license plate. He does well playing the seemingly selfish jerk with the surprisingly big heart. And he’s tall and funny (major requirements). And he has a strange circa 1992 haircut.

But now he’s taken. Not only that, but he’s engaged to the very un-weird Kristen Bell, so I’m not even sure he can have the weird crush title at this point. Unless Bell is just like her Forgetting Sarah Marshall character. It just doesn’t seem fair. Weird people deserve each other.

NBC just announced the 2010-11 Fall lineup with Dax's show back in the same Tuesday night timeslot. That will mean no competition for my attention, considering  the end of Lost, and hopefully a guilt-free Dax Shepard lovefest and healthy sleep.