Today’s Feel Good Celebrity Story Is Brought To You By Kristen Bell

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It's official. Despite having an adorable relationship with Dax ShepardKristen Bell is one of the most underrated human beings in Hollywood.

I think it's possibly because she broke Jason Segel's heart in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That's why I personally felt so much animosity toward her for so many years. Then I woke up one day and remembered that it's just a movie and she's just an actress — and disliking her because she played a bitch isn't fair. That's like hating Sally Field because of her role  in Mrs. Doubtfire (which I did).

Hate the character, not the actress. It's a mantra I'm constantly repeating to myself. Aloud. Because I like those around me to think I'm unstable. It's the most effective way to keep your personal space personal when riding on the subway.

But enough of my insane ramblings and back to Kristen Bell. Recently BlindGossip.com revealed that a blind item about an incredibly generous celebrity (yeah, they're not all about faux-relationships) who regularly over-tips is Kristen Bell!

 This pint-sized actress is best known for her TV work, but her movie roles have been hits and we’re pretty sure that she’s on her way to the A-list of the silver screen. Anyway, she has become well-known in Hollywood for sweet ways when it comes to coffee consumption. She’s made a habit of tipping $20 when she buys a cup, and now she’s often paying for the person in line behind her on top of it. What a great way to be!

This is like an 1000% tip. Give or take some zeros. I don't know. I'm not into math. Mostly because I grew up watching too many Disney Princesses — or so studies say.

$20 tips are nothing short of amazing. As someone who used to get pennies dropped in my tip jar with a condescending smile, I can't even fathom the idea that someone would leave a twenty. And that that someone would be a famous actress.

Some days, you really gotta hand it to celebrities. When they're not beating each other up, getting DUIs, releasing voice mails filled with racial slurs and impregnating people they're not married to, they're a-ok!

In the words of Kristen Bell, news like this makes me feel like this:

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