16 Moments On Dawson’s Creek That Are Still Crazy Decades Later

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How has it already been two decades since Dawson’s Creek premiered on The WB? The series just celebrated its 20th anniversary and we are starting to feel really old. The James Van Der Beek-lead show gave us several things to take with us into the future including a damn good meme… and one of the best love triangles in pop culture history.

For years, we all wondered if Joey would wind up with Dawson or not. If you didn’t see that ending coming, then you really didn’t understand Joey at all! Even though the show only had six seasons, there were a ton of jaw-dropping moments. Dawson’s Creek had its fair share of unexpected deaths, dramatic fights, and crazy plot twists that fans never saw coming. Relive the craziest moments from this teen drama and see which moment you think was the most intense out of all 128 episodes.