David O. Russell Wants J-Law For Yet Another Movie, Officially Has A Crush On Her

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David O  Russell Wants J Law For Yet Another Movie  Officially Has A Crush On Her David O Russell and Jennifer Lawrence attending Screen Actors Guild SAG Awards January 2014 jpgApparently David O. Russell already has a new movie in the works, and if the rumors are correct, you’re never gonna believe which Hollywood actress he’s most interested in casting. Actually, you’re absolutely gonna believe it, because it’s the same person he uses for every single one of his films these days — Jennifer Lawrence.

Yup that’s right. Fresh off of her last David O. Russell movie American Hustlewhich was already fresh off the David O. Russell movie Silver Linings Playbook before that, J-Law is being considered for yet another role from David O. Russell. The dust hasn’t even settled from this award season, and they’re already launching into a brand new venture. At this point, it’s like DOR is chain-smoking Jennifer Lawrence roles, lighting up his next one with the still-burning embers of the last.

This new role would be as Joy Mangano, a single mom of three and inventor of something called the Miracle Mop, which she used to build a multimillion dollar empire. So it’d be a biopic, with Jennifer playing a real person…aka I can smell the Oscar bait from here. I guess it’s not the worst idea ever, because this role sounds like essentially a spin-off of her American Hustle character, but you just need to CALM DOWN David. There are other actors out there, and your crush on this one is starting to take over your life. If you get your face any further up her butt, you’re gonna choke on her Oscar.

Just ask Martin Scorcese, whose courtship of Leonardo DiCaprio has become so all-consuming that he’ll barely watch a movie without Leo in it. Let alone make one.

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