11 People Who Aren’t Middle Aged White Dudes Who Should Take Letterman’s Spot

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Yes Please


Dave Letterman announced his retirement from The Late Show yesterday. But I trust that you already knew that because you're very good at interneting. It's just a vibe I'm getting. Anyway, while we could take this time to talk about our favorite Letterman moments, we'd rather spend it picking his replacement. It's what ol' Davey would want, I assume. And since his retirement gives us the chance to come up with our dream list, why not get all loosey goosey and diversify up in this joint? (I'm sorry.)

So here's the deal: Letterman's been keeping the Late Show swivel chair warm for over 20 years and, while he's helped define late night as we know it, I'm ready to see a less middle-aged-white-guy face for a change. Lots of names have been tossed into the ring since the announcement, and here are some of my fave picks for people who should snatch up Letterman's spot. Once I hear back on your favorite, I'll use my incredible clout in the TV industry to make one of these happen.

1. Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph Glasses


She's really funny PLUS she has the energy of a thousand Letterman's. Let's get on it, world.

2. Chris Rock

Chris Rock Huh


Both Louis C.K. and I agree that this one is long overdue. Chris' relatable brand of comedy would likely translate to drawing in a good range of viewers. Even better, he isn't afraid to talk about controversial issues, which might make the network a little nervous at first, but would definitely make for great TV.

3. John Oliver

John Oliver Life Is Weird


I know what you're thinking: he seems pretty white and pretty middle-aged. But he's British and that has to count for something, right? Maybe? He's already got all of that The Daily Show practice in the bag and he's going to get tons of practice on his new HBO show this spring. What's one more show?

4. Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro Picture


If you've never heard about a little web series called Up Close With Tig Notaro, let me tell you, you've got some Googling to do. Talk shows sometimes have cringey awkward moments, but that would never be a problem because Tig's deadpan comedy style would step in each time and funny up the place.

5. John Mulaney

John Mulaney Canceling Plans


The fact that he's fairly new to comedy could work to his advantage because he offers a fresh and young perspective that isn't really present in late night. And he'd totally fit in with the J-Gang that's currently happening there. Jimmy, Jimmy and John…I like it!

6. Tina Fey AND Amy Poehler

Tina Fey Amy Poehler High Five


Do you remember Weekend Update? Or any one of the many flawless award shows that they hosted together? If we happen to spring for two hosts, the kind of chemistry that these two have is absolutely necessary. Come on, lucky stars, don't let me down this time.

7. Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady Wink


He's proven that he can be hilarious on the fly with Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which is such an important part of keeping your talk show audience and viewers awake and entertained.

8. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling Glasses


Because she's so fab at being interviewed that I'm starting to think she'd be even more amazing on the other side of the desk. Especially because she has that perfect talk show host skill of being funny without being mean.

9. Retta

Retta Smile


I imagine it like a televised version of her Twitter and that image is beautiful. Not one comedian I can think of has a better mixture of pure enthusiasm and comedic skills than Retta. I'm excited just thinking about how excited she'd be all the time.

10. Lorde

Lorde Blinking


This one's more of a pipe dream, but Lorde hosting and calling everyone out on their BS would totally make me tune in every single day. We as a people deserve a real, no-nonsense show host, right? We've paid our dues.