‘I Just Blue Myself’: The Best Of Tobias Fünke For David Cross’ Birthday

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Tobias Funke I just blue myself David Cross birthday galleryHappy birthday, David Cross! Since we were introduced to his comic genius on Arrested Development, Cross has gone on to crack us up in roles on Running Wilde and Modern Family, but he'll always be Dr. Tobias Fünke in our hearts. How could we imagine him as anything else, when he stole every scene with his innuendo-laden exchanges and harebrained schemes like dressing up as a Scottish housekeeper or using hair plugs that slowly infected him?

We've trawled Tumblr and Google to find Tobias' best moments, captured in screenshot or .gif form. I couldn't decide which medium is better, so you'll see a mix in the gallery below. I know I couldn't hit anything, but I think this is a pretty comprehensive collection of all of Tobias' classic lines. Plus, it gets you even more excited for his next innuendos and plots in the upcoming Arrested Development movie!

Tobias Funke I'm afraid I've just shot my wad


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