David Beckham Wants More Kids, But How Will He And Victoria Think Of Two More Trendy Baby Names?

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David Beckham had a night out with Stella McCartney recently and commented to a reporter that he's interested in having more kids. More kids. This is a man with four kids, mind you, one of whom was born just last year, and he's talking about having more. In his exact words,

“If we have one or two more — two might scare Victoria but we will see.”

I had a moment of being like, “Oh my god! He would make this decision without his wife?!” And then I remembered his wife was Victoria Beckham, and she basically would not stop having babies until one of them was a girl, so she could have a little mini-me. So it's understandable that he has his own ideas about moving forward with their family. But then I realized that they'd already had a girl, and they named her Harper Seven. Which sounds the name of a slightly dowdy Star Trek commander, but either way, as far as I know, Victoria has shut down her baby-making tent, having finally retrieved a girl from its folds. So good luck there, David.

And regardless, you guys can't have another baby! Let alone two! I think you've already bottomed out on trendy baby names with Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. Frankly, I don't think you have another two in you. If that sounds like a challenge — it is — but it's also my honest assessment of your lives. I legitimately don't think you can think of two more trendy names to keep your whole brood equally fashionable, but that's just me.

I triple-dog-dare you to prove me wrong.

(Image: popsugar.com)