The ‘David Beckham In His Underwear’ Ad Is A Super Bowl Tradition For Non-Sports Fans

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David Beckham in the H&M underwear commercial for Super Bowl SundayThe whole Super Bowl season has always been pretty lackluster for me, on account of the fact that I don't follow football and I can't eat wings around people. (I love them and everything, it's just that if I really want to consume them, I have to set a whole day and a few thousand wet-naps aside if I don't want my face and hands to look like the victims of a sauce-related crime.)

I can't even rely on the half-time acts to be exciting, because some years it's Beyonce kicking ass with her aggro-face, but other years it's Madonna being picked up, carried around, and recklessly flipped around like an aging rag doll. And some years it's Bruno Mars and I don't have feelings one way or the other. It seems the one thing I can count on in this day and age is the commercials, and one in particular — David Beckham in his underoos.

I don't know if you guys have been aware of it up until this exact moment, but it seems to have become somewhat of a tradition that every year when the sports-kickers are battling for their bowl prize, the rest of us just along for the ride get to see thirty to sixty to ninety glorious seconds of Becks prancing around in his panties for H&M. Ah, sweet relief.

And even if just watching the boxer brief festivities isn't enough to get your rocks off anymore, it turns out that the 2014 version of the commercial is actually interactive. So you can vote on which version of the commercial you'd like to see air in its entirety on Superb Owl Sunday (that's when they have the best owls). You can select either #covered or #uncovered. Which seems like an obvious choice, except that you seem to see more skin in the #covered version, ironically enough.