David Beckham Describes His Family Movie Nights Making Me Wish I Was A Beckham For The Millionth Time

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David Beckham Describes His Family Movie Nights Making Me Wish I Was a Beckham For the Millionth Time wenn23204360 640x959 jpg

I think it’s been accepted in every corner of the world, that the Beckhams are a pretty perfect family. Now thanks to David Beckham‘s new interview with GQ, we get a little more insight into just how perfect and surprisingly normal the Beckham clan is. David talks about their family movie nights saying, “We’re very traditional. We make popcorn. So, yeah movie nights are fun.” And like any family with a young girl they get their fair share of Frozen viewings as David says he’s watched the movie “at least 50 or 60 times” thanks to 4-year-old daughter, Harper.

David also reveals that another movie they recently enjoyed was none other than the cinematic classic and a movie I will defend until my last breath, Spice World. Yes, even Posh Spice herself can’t resist watching her and the other Spice Girls journey around London on a double decker tour bus, have an alien encounter and do it all wearing the best platform shoes ever put on the big screen. The movie was on television recently so David says they all gathered around to take it in. David tells the magazine, “Our little girl wanted to watch it so Victoria kind of sat for it and then she did all the moves with her after and sang all the songs. Victoria’s very proud of that.” I bet she is.

So even though they must hear this all the time, can the Beckhams please adopt me? Unlike young Harper, I already know all the choreography to Spice World like the back of my hand so no need to teach me it. I also know all the lines and can provide my own costumes. So all I’m saying is think about it. Please.


(Photo: Lia Toby/WENN.com)