David Beckham And His Sons Wear Matching Uniforms In A Photo That I Will Use As My Christmas Card

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In all the excitement of Harper Seven Beckham being alive, I somehow forgot how nice it is  to stare at a photo of her father David Beckham. He's apparently leaving the LA Galaxy soccer team and becoming a fulltime underwear model for H&M. Or something like that. My eyes glaze over when sports get mentioned because I have a vagina and that's how biology works. I'm sure at some point I'll meet a nice penis-owner who will explain everything to me. But until then I'll just keep going with the underwear model rumor.

After his last game on Saturday, his sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz dressed up in LA Galaxy uniforms and took photos with their dear old dad. Even though they're growing up quickly, they're not too old to wear jerseys that say “Daddy” on the back. If that doesn't make your ovaries grow three sizes, then I don't know what will do the trick.

Despite being able to walk, Harper didn't make it onto the field. Perhaps she decided to skip the festivities and stay home to catch up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or perhaps she simply anticipated that Kate Middleton would announce her pregnancy today and decided not to steal any thunder. Either way, she didn't show up.

However these photos prove that Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn are cute enough to make up for their missing sister. In fact they're cute enough to substitute for my own siblings' faces on the annual Maier Family Christmas card. We're a family of inopportune blinkers and it's really for the best for everyone involved if our card doesn't actually involve us.

So thank you Beckham Boys! You're going to be on many a mantle this year.

(Photo: Monty Hall, PacificCoastNews.com)