David Beckham Surprises Fans In Photobooth For The Olympics… But Why Didn’t He Bring Harper Seven With Him?

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As if Londoners weren’t already jazzed about the Olympics starting up, Adidas hired David Beckham to amp up the excitement for the Games. They’d lure unsuspecting — but well-dressed — fans into a photobooth, and then suddenly, surprise Beckham! I think it would’ve been better if he’d sneaked up behind them and properly photobombed them, but I guess I just think differently than Adidas’ marketing team does.

Note that young and old, male and female, all of the fans burst into tears after Beckham hugs them and poses with silly props. But this outburst of emotion is not because they’re happy to be enfolded in David’s brawny arms or have his quite striking mustache brush their cheeks. Nay, they’re crying because he didn’t bring baby Harper Seven Beckham with him! It really is quite a disappointment. After all, how can they be happy wearing bright green wigs or blowing noisemakers when they could’ve cradled the Beckhams’ female heir in their photobooth pics?

All kidding aside, I didn’t realize that everyone held Beckham in such high esteem. I found this video through Reddit; it has 300 or so Facebook views but already nearly 800 comments. One of the top-rated comments were these two accounts:

Sindragon: I’ve worked in media circles for many years. For a major studio, in television production, in advertising and later as a journalist. I’ve never met Beckham personally, but you often get a feel for what celebrities are really like because inevitably you end up mixing with “people who know people”. No one I’ve ever met who has worked with David Beckham has ever had a single bad thing to say about him. By all accounts he’s extremely humble, easy going, very self-deprecating, and despite his wealth and fame is as down to earth and unpretentious as the guy who lives next door. This video gives me no reason to doubt that.


I can say from personal experience that this is 100% correct, one of the most genuine and humble (famous) people I’ve ever met.

I was involved with a charity that did some work with him 6-7 years ago.

He arrived with no entourage and made no demands of any kind, gave his time for free and stayed nearly twice as long as he’d originally agreed to do.

Furthermore, he made some commitments on the day which were all honoured….there were several he made to individuals, he didn’t take any notes so must have just remembered them and arranged everything afterwards).

This is in STARK contrast to some other footballers I’ve had the misfortune to meet, namely Peter Schmeichel, Ashley Cole and Jermaine Defoe, all of whom were first class pricks.