Victoria And David Beckham’s Kids Miss LA, Let’s E-Mail Them Some Chicken McNuggets

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EXCL beckham family 060712Guys I think we have to take matters into our own hands and start a ‘Sponsor A Beckham' program, because those Beckham boys are not enjoying being away from Los Angeles. The whole family moved here in 2007 so that David Beckham could pursue his career playing soccer with the LA Galaxy, but Victoria Beckham was tired of getting up in the middle of the night to go on a conference call for her London-based fashion line. So they pulled their boys — Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and Cruz, 7 — out of their LA schools right before the Christmas break and uprooted back to foggy Londontown.

But apparently (and shockingly), the kids haven't been adjusting that well after such a huge change.

“The boys are struggling with adapting to life back in the UK. They keep saying it’s so cold back home, and they miss the L.A. weather, as well as their favorite TV shows, their friends and even the fast food! It’s even worse when they Skype their pals in the States who tell them what they are missing out on.”

Yeah, just think here we are watching The Bachelor and stuffing our faces with delicious McNuggets and Whoppers, while these poor kids are pushing bangers and mash around their plates and listening to Big Ben chime. That's the only entertainment they have over there, I've heard. Unless you want to sing ‘London Bridge' over and over to yourself, but you have to be over eighteen for that. And then their rude American friends, Skyping them with freshly greased faces from buckets of KFC, their eyes glazed over from countless hours of Bubble Guppies. Which is a real show on Nickelodeon, I just learned. It's just not fair.

The only person in the family who's not chafing under the change is Harper, who has already been asked to design her own fashion line, sit on the Queen's lap during official portraits until (and maybe after) Kate Middleton's baby is born, and start a band called the Spice Babies. She declined all three offers, obvs. She's better than that.

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