This Photo Of David Beckham And Harper Seven At Disneyland Wins The Internet Today

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You know how I know the apocalypse isn't really happening this year? Because adorable photos like this of one David Beckham holding his daughter Harper Seven at Disneyland still exist. The two spent the day together at the amusement park discussing the Wisconsin recall, the pro-life movement and the consequences of attachment parenting. Your basic father-daughter banter.

In an obviously festive move, Harper used the money she saved up from short lived reality show with Blue Ivy to purchase a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. Obviously she pulled them off flawlessly and we presume that they'll soon be popping up at day cares around the country.

The two took a break from debating the challenges Mitt Romney faces in the upcoming campaign to include the rest of the family –Victoria, Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn — in the conversation. While I'm not 100% sure what they discussed, I can only assume it involved ample talk of Dad's recent topless Elle Magazine cover and his strikingly impressive abs.

That's what kids talk about when they have hot dads, right?

(Photo: Daily Mail)